How to Promote Your Brand in 140 Characters or Less

pexels-photo-109371As of the third quarter of 2016, there were 317 million monthly reasons why businesses should promote their brand on Twitter1. Most Twitter users visited Twitter multiple times throughout the day to keep abreast of the news, read tweets from their followers, look for deals, and tweet @realdonaldtrump. Admittedly, I am that person.  The challenge for most brands are to gain brand exposure, followers, and conversions from Twitter using 140 characters or less.


When composing your tweet, your message should focus on what action you want your audience to take, and the impression you want to leave after reading your tweet. With 140 character limit, and milliseconds spent reading a tweet, your content must be precise and to the point. Most users, like myself, follow brands they like, and look for notification of special offers unique to Twitter followers. Followers of your brand want rewards for following your brand. When a tweet includes an offer, your followers will reward you by sharing your tweet, thereby increasing your brand exposure.

Photo(s), GIF, Video(s) and Polls  200

On September 16, 2016, Twitter removed the above items from their limited character count. Adding a GIF or photo near your text will attract more attention to your tweet. Animated items, such as GIF, are visually appealing and will attract more attention which may increase the likelihood of your brand and tweet being remembered.

Timing of Tweet

“Timing is everything”. When you tweet is just as important as what you tweet. The day and the time of your tweet can impact your brand’s exposure. Tweeting at 3:00 AM EST, the same time as President Trump, are for those night owls.  The best time for your brand to tweet would be during Twitter’s most active time period, 11:00 AM EST – 3:00 PM EST2.  Tweriod, a free service offered by Twitter, will send email alerts notifying your brand of the best time to tweet based on the activities of your followers.

Twitter and Facebook

 Facebook users have 63,206 characters to compose a message. That’s 63,066 more characters than Twitter. While your Facebook followers are different from your Twitter followers, your brand message will be the same. Linking your Facebook and Twitter page will allow your Twitter followers to view your message in its entirety.

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