Fluffy Girls Need Love!


Curvy Photo - CBradley

I hate, detest and despise the label “Plus Size” and will never refer to myself as a plus size woman. I would rather call myself “fluffy and fabulous”. What I despise even more is having to travel up a hill, through a valley and down into a cave to find the plus size department.

At Target, after passing the tweens and ladies department, the plus sizes are in the very back of the store, near the maternity department and the dressing rooms.  One would assume Target is attempting to hide us!  According to market research conducted by the NPD Group, plus size women spent $21.4 billion in 2016, double the rate of overall apparel sales. In 2020, sales of plus size clothes are predicted to reach $24 billion yet I have to use a magnifying glass to find the plus size department.[i]I appreciate Target’s recent attempt to redesign the plus size department. It’s a start but more needs to be done!

On the other hand, Carson’s and Meijer has it right! Several years ago, during my very first visit to Carson’s, the gates of heaven opened up when I arrived in the plus department after a 3-hour journey up an escalator, pass the teens and ladies departments (see the trend). The plus size section consisted of 3 large (no pun intended) sections with correct size mannequins and a designer section that included Michael Kors and Calvin Klein.  Sadly, Carson’s will be closing soon and will be missed.  Despite not having the same selection and quality as Carson’s, Meijer has an exclusivity approach with their women’s department. All sizes are located in one area. Imagine that! The plus sizes are not relegated to a lonely corner. 

Fluffy Girls Unite and Demand to Be Seen!

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